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Orange Flavored Cup


Orange Flavored Cup
Orange Flavored Cup The Right Cup, Orange flavored cup with package Features of the Orange flavored cup Orange Flavored Cup Bottle pouring water into an orange flavored cup.

Many people start their day with bowl of cereal and a fresh glass of orange juice. Parents encourage their children to drink orange juice because fruit juices are healthier than soda drinks. This approach was relevant some 20 years ago. Nowadays sugar consumption is  the number one cause of obesity and a significant contributor to many other illnesses.

Orange was the first flavored cup we created. Not only because it is the most common juice flavor, but also because people who drink orange juice are usually health oriented. Therefore it is easier for them to shift to drinking water instead of juice and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Start drinking water from the Orange cup during breakfast, lunch and dinner everyday. Once you get used to the cup start drinking from it between meals as well.