The Right Cup

The Right Cup™ tricks the brain into thinking that plain water is flavored.

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Trick Your Brain

Our senses of smell and taste are intimately entwined. In fact, smell is responsible for 80% of what we experience as taste. Therefore, by using scent, we can 'convince' the brain that it is experiencing real flavor.

What's Your Favorite Flavor?

Orange Flavored Cup

Orange Flavor

A glass of freshly squeezed orange juice contains about 9 teaspoons of sugar. With the orange flavored cup you can enjoy the flavor without consuming any sugar at all. 


Cola Flavored Cup

Cola Flavor

The Cola flavored cup can help you overcome your cola addiction and increase your daily water intake. Just pour carbonated water and enjoy the taste.


Mixed Berry Flavored Cup

Mixed Berry Flavor

Parents can use the Berry flavored cup to help their children create a healthy habit of drinking water instead of juice. Children love the taste and scent of the Berry cup!


Apple Flavored Cup

Apple Flavor

Apple juice is often recommended for children and it is mistaken for a low sugar drink because it's transparent. In fact, a glass of apple juice contains about 40 grams of sugar.


Peach Flavored Cup

Peach Flavor

The Peach flavored cup is a perfect solutions for people who love peach juice. Peach juice is usually boxed and contains preservatives. 


Grape Flavored Cup

Grape Flavor

If grape is your favorite juice then switching to The Right Cup™ can really decrease your sugar intake. Garpe contains more sugar than any other type of juice!


A New Way To Experience Water

The Right Cup™ is designed to entice your senses. First, the vivid color catches your eye. Then, as you drink from the cup, your nose picks up the fruity aroma and your tongue gets a hint of the sweet taste. This can be an enjoyable experience even to people who are addicted to sweet beverages.

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Absolutely Safe To Use

Our plastic tumbler cups are formulated with the highest consumer safety concerns in mind. All ingredients are FDA and EU compliant for use in food and beverage packaging and use applications. All materials are BPA, Phthalate & PVC Free. The cups contain Zero calories, Zero Carbohydrates, Zero preservatives and are sugar free!

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I just got my Right Cup. I can't believe how well it works! I'm a Powerade addict. Plain water is very difficult for me to drink. Since I usually drink orange Powerade I bought an orange Right Cup. It doesn't make the water taste like orange juice or powerade but it absolutely makes it taste like orange infused water!

– Tara Howell Jones

Finally! My baby girls cup came in, and we are so excited about the results. She finished a whole glass of water already and said it taste like water juice lol 😂 yay! So excited as a mommy it feels amazing to have some relief that my baby will soon be drinking lots more water!! 👏🏼👏🏼 The Right Cup

– Lindsay Perez

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